Honor, tireless effort and accountability within our operations are all principles that we uphold. We continue to foster our success by upholding these components that make up the foundation of our company. Whether for our guests, business partners or associates, you can expect our dedication to excellence through courtesy and respect in everything that we do.


Our team works hard to optimize the financial performance of our properties and seeks out new growth opportunities to keep our company strong in delivering the services we’ve become known for.

Hotel Management Services

Our hands-on management style is best exemplified through the active involvement of our Directors of Operations and corporate staff with each of our hospitality assets. Every Castle Hospitality property is intently managed and receives continuous support and involvement from our senior level and corporate staff. This includes ongoing operational reviews conducted with the property management staff using industry benchmarks, Castle’s in-depth hotel industry experience and hospitality brand standards as our guides.

We’re Ready to Work with You

If you’re a hotel owner or hotel developer interested in teaming up with us, then we’re ready to work with you. Please contact our Vice President of Operations, Pancho Guerra, at 956.664.9570 or pguerra@castletx.com.